• Welcome to CrystecPharma

    CrystecPharma is a crystal and particle engineering company applying proprietary modified supercritical fluid (SCF) technologies to improve the performance of medicines. Our technology enables drug molecules to be crystallised in new forms and novel particles to be manufactured in ways that greatly enhance their therapeutic performance. Crystec has an enabling platform which can be applied to small and large molecules, to optimise a range of medicine dosage forms (e.g. oral, inhaled, intranasal, subcutaneous, sublingual).

    Crystec works with the global pharmaceutical and health care industry to solve drug particle formation, formulation and process challenges. We are also developing our own innovative therapies in important areas of unmet clinical need, including women’s health, urology and treating respiratory disease. Crystec’s proprietary ‘mSAS®’ (modified Supercritical Anti-Solvent) drug delivery technology is enabled by a highly efficient, stable and fully scalable manufacturing process and is approved by regulatory authorities. The mSAS® platform creates unique opportunities to improve medicines in ways that can transform the quality of life for many patients.

    The Crystec team is multi-disciplinary with extensive experience in pharmaceutical development. The team have pialeneered the application of SCF to pharmaceuticals and consists of acknowledged leaders in relevant fields of science, drug delivery, engineering, scale-up, manufacturing and medicine, underpinned by senior-level pharmaceutical industry and licensing experience.

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